Residents need to make their voices heard on flooding situation

To the Editor,

County residents who were affected by Lake Ontario flooding, have been asked to communicate/provide feedback to the International Joint Commission (IJC), through their Great Lakes-St.Lawrence River Adaptive Management Committee’s (GLAM) on line survey.

It is critical that when GLAM reports back to the IJC, the responses reflect the extremely serious and urgent need to repeal Plan 2014, returning the Great Lakes water level management methodology to that which was used for half a century prior to 2017 (Plan 2014 wasn’t implemented until 2017).

The GLAM 2019 Flooding Survey closes February 14 – very soon.  Virtually all  County taxpayers have been negatively affected by these unacceptably high water levels, either through loss of tourism dollars, having our beaches closed off to us,  or tax dollars wasted  on shoreline repairs. We have all been harmed one way or another, and should let the IJC / GLAM know about it through their survey before the February 14 deadline.

You can access the questionnaire landing page here Near the bottom of that landing page, there is a link to the actually questionnaire. No voices heard = no problem.


Don Montgomery

Cherry Valley