Stories from our past – Feb. 13, 2020

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…



  • A broken side rod was the cause of a bad accident to train No. 2 on the Central Ontario Railway Wednesday morning going west. When going down grade a mile east of Bloomfield, the side rod of the engine broke, derailing the engine, mail and baggage car, and passenger coach.
  • Miss Nellie Tait of Wellington, had rather an exciting and unpleasant experience while skating on West Lake. While gliding along she suddenly plunged into a muskrat’s hole and was submerged in the icy water up to her shoulders. After unsuccessful cries for help she managed to scramble out.
  • Mr. Reg. Hughes of the Ridge Road, found a pearl worth $10 in some oysters purchased at Smith & Balls. It is now on exhibition at their store. Mr. Bail says he cannot guarantee one with every order, but chances are equal to all.



  • Ameliasburgh – Mr. Will Soble, Miss Carol Burr, Mr. E. C. Daverne and Miss Mildred Adams were entertained to dinner at the home of Mr. And Mrs. Arthur Corfield. Later in the evening the party enjoyed skating on the arena on St. Alban’s park, followed by luncheon and Chinese checkers.
  • Arthur B. MacDonald of Picton will be a member of the 110th Aerial Squadron which will go overseas shortly. This is the first Canadian air unit to go overseas and Mr. MacDonald if the only local member.
  • Cheif of Police Bert Biddle was appointed building inspector, salary $25 a year, by Town Council. He succeeds Fletcher Webster, who has recently enlisted.



  • Picton Town Council agreed to withhold passing a bylaw to prohibit snowmobiles on town streets providing snowmobile fans live up to a code of ethics framed by their fellows.
  • In extending a welcome to directors and reviewing a successful year, President Walter Demille Expressed thanks to all who had given a great deal of time and effort in connection with the Fair. He thanked County Council, donors of prizes and many others who had given valued support.
  • Ross Benway was re-elected chairman of the Prince Edward County Planning Board for 1970 at the board’s inaugural meeting. Named vice-chairman for the year if Clair Nelson.



  • Mrs. Grace Gendon, of RR1, Picton credits her pet Husky dog, Tamika, with saving her life. At 4 a.m. she was in bed when Tamika awoke Mrs. Gendron who found the house full of smoke and a fire in the basement. Damage was kept to $5,000.
  • The Prince Edward County Board of Education at its meeting at the Educentre, Bloomfield, went on record as being opposed to the legalization or decriminalization of the possession of cannabis (marijuana) substances.
  • Constable Ron Roblin of the Picton Town Police has hung up his policeman’s hat for the last time, ending 28 years of service to the community.