Time for council to act on climate is now but recordings a step too far

Danny Celovksy’s deputation to the Committee of the whole last week certainly hit all the right notes if you are concerned about climate change and the pace to which our municipality is responding. The Green Party candidate raised many of the same issues during debates in the 2019 Federal Election campaign and used those points along with concerns he heard along the trail to offer a plea urging County Council to pick up the pace on their efforts to utilize green and clean alternatives and develop likewise policies and procedures. We agree true leadership in this war is needed at all levels of government and the ten-year clock to end reliance on fossil fuels is ticking.

Where this corner might take pause with the Celovsky’s presentation is that concept that every time a councillor might engage a constituent or any other party outside the council chamber that this conversation might be documented through either video or audio recordings and posted for the public on the internet. This is over-and-above the fact all meetings are streamed live.

As a news outlet we salivate at the concept and Celovsky’s idea to scare those parties and groups that are on the opposite side of the climate fight that would use levels of government for their evils from even proposing a meeting are laudable but at the municipal or micro level of this war, it seems a bridge too far for the members of the horseshoe to be constantly documenting every word that might leave thier mouth or who they might say it to.

If widely implemented either through act of council or individually by councillors as a public service, why should these recordings stop with matters dealing with climate? Why not a clip of when a council member might be getting groceries and a member of the public asks them about a roadway or at the arena and a coach has a simple question about the hourly ice rates? What about conversations that don’t have a direct link to municipal operations but in some way involve climate change? Even if on the up-and-up, might this stop some members of the public from engaging their local councillor?

For a greater than full time responsibility for part-time wages, it’s hard to imagine busy councillors taking on this recording responsibility as some sort of divining rod for their moral pool- on matters of climate or anything else.


As Valentine’s Day approaches, thoughts tend to be light and lovely.

But there’s shock and dismay and hurt in this community this week. A local woman is in hospital and a man has been charged with aggravated assault as well as defying a court order.

We won’t speculate to the details of what took place on a street in Picton on Saturday afternoon. The matter is now before the courts.

What we will say is that when something like this transpires, it should affect all of us. We should all have a sick feeling in our stomaches when we read the police report on the front page of today’s Gazette over the condition and well being of a community member that was allegedly harmed by another.

If you feel that way, now is the time to reach out to the local Alternatives for Women chapter and any other group that supports human beings in peril and offer to help.

Donate your time, money or whatever else they might need. This community must be safe for all its members.