Affordable housing solutions already within grasp

First, kudos to County Council for selling Pinecrest School property to Lovesong for seniors housing.

However, Mike Harper, Mayor Ferguson and the rest of County Council need to be more doers than talkers. We, the people, own three properties that could be developed for affordable housing which are within walking distance to banks, grocery stores, pharmacies, post offices, libraries and churches.

If Council sells these properties to developers the pricing will not be in reach for those who need modest affordable condos. The Council can stipulate a family income limit, ask for proof where applicants currently live or work and restrict the time that the first time buyer flip the property. Some people will agree with me and others will object, but express those views to The Picton Gazette and your Council rep.

The three properties are the former Picton Fire Hall, the Wellington Town Hall and the vacant property at the Wellington Main St intersection. Council should be able to renovate these buildings and sell the units for under $200,000 or lower depending on the size of the units.

Don Houghton