Stories from our past – March 19, 2020

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • Mr. John Sayers, the new cheesemaker for Union Vale cheese factory, writes the president, Mr. B. A. Reynolds from Roslin, that he will be ready to commence operations as soon as required.
  • Pure bred Holstein cattle are becoming a prominent feature with several breeders in Prince Edward County. One day last week Mr. Ben Leavens sold a yearling Holstein to Mr. James Young for $115. Mr. Young knows a good one when he sees it.
  • Mrs. Robert Kelly, King street, had the misfortune to break her hip while going out of the door, she slipped on a piece of ice. It is hoped she will recover.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bongard are seriously ill with grip.



  • At the fortnightly meeting of the Armchair Club a motion moved by Fred Hubbs, seconded by W. G. Grothier, received unanimous endorsement, which asks the County Council to request the Dept. Of Highways for an all-night ferry at the Glenora-Adolphustown crossing during the coming season.
  • Black Creek – The Black Creek War Emergency Committee are planning a euchre, lost heir and Chinese checkers party at the home of Mr. And Mrs. James Clark. The proceeds will be for war funds.
  • Bay View – Miss Mable Pringle spent several days with Mrs. Donley Watkins and family at Cressy.



  • The home of Mr. And Mrs. Bert Lewis on Christian Street (R. R. 1 Bloomfield) was totally destroyed by fire in the early hours of Friday morning. The frame house was empty at the time.
  • New Commodore of the Prince Edward Yacht Club is Picton Veterinarian Karl Euler, elected by the club’s 1970 directors following the annal meeting. Vice-Commodore is Clare Nelson and Rear Commodore is Russell Alexander.
  • Mount Pleasant – Miss Gail Moran and Rick Lockwood spent the weekend with Mr. And Mrs. Claude Marshall and Shelley.



  • When Carman Greene had his electrician investigate installation of new wiring in his Main Street Picton building that housed Discount 2 and The All Pine Room, he never expected to come across an old, sealed up basement room everyone had forgotten about. And never did he suspect it would be covered a foot deep in 40-year-old fat.
  • The home of Mrs. Clifford Smith, Consecon, was the setting for a Tweedsmuir Tea. Ten guests were present.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Norton and family recently entertained Mr. And Mrs. Elmer Norton at dinner on the occasion of Mrs. Norton’s 80th birthday. Mr. And Mrs. Peter Sokolowsky were also guests.