Container gardening is a fun summer activity

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Let’s talk about something else.

It’s spring and the weather is warming up. Maybe you’ve thought about growing veggies or herbs in a container. If you don’t have space for a vegetable garden you can turn to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture to find all kinds of information on container gardening.

Watching new growth emerge could bring a smile in these difficult times.

This is some information from the website: Using containers, people can grow food just about anywhere there is enough sunlight: on balconies, windowsills, decks and paved spaces. Containers or raised beds also provide more accessibility for gardeners, and they can be used when the underlying soil is too contaminated to be used to grow edible crops. Many vegetables and herbs are suitable for container gardening.

The bigger the container, the longer the list of plants that can be grown. Keep in mind that plants grown in containers are grown in soilless media that drains quickly and must be watered more frequently than their soil-grown counterparts.

Among the best vegetables and herbs to grow in containers include tomatoes, potatoes, beet root, Swiss chard, lettuce and carrots as well as thyme, chives and mint.

Growing this delicious produce at home is not only, fun, tasty and nutritious but also a great way to lesson your grocery bill in the summertime.

For more information on how to get started go to and search for “container gardening”.

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-Debbie MacDonald Moynes