Heartfelt thank you to those minding medical experts

This is a thank you to everyone who has heeded the advice of our Canadian medical experts and have stayed home and practiced social distancing.

Between us, Al and I have almost every risk factor on the Covid 19 list: diabetes, heart disease, cancer, suppressed immune systems. My 81 year old mom lives next door. We are cautious, diligent and nervous. By obeying orders and avoiding crowds you are helping to keep the deadly virus away from us.

I’m so proud of our country and Canadians who are “team” players, more so than so many countries in the world. As typical Canadians we care about each other and are willing to be obedient to protect our neighbours, family and friends. Our country is a blazing example of co-operation in the face of this never before seen, or imagined, challenge.

I know it’s inconvenient and weird, but choose to see the glass half full.

Clean out that junk drawer, organize the garage.

How many times as working parents have we wished that we didn’t have to go to work? – staying home instead to spend the day with the kids, reading a book, watching a movie together or walking in the backyard checking out the birds? I know….. Be careful what you wish for. But we have that opportunity now. Lean into it.

Try to make the best of it.

Someday you’ll be 62 and wonder where all that family time went to!

Thank you again for doing your part. Our family appreciates it!!

Val & Al (Radar) MacDonald

Cherry Valley