Premier should treat climate change as serious as pandemic

Dear Premier Ford,

I am a senior resident of Ottawa. I must confess I am not your greatest fan but I want to congratulate you on your handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially your commitment to follow the advice of leading scientists and medical experts.I strongly support your decision to keep the public well informed on the truth of the current facts and the best available science-based projections for the future regardless of how unpleasant they are to learn.

Politicians all too often decide to hide bad news from the public but that eventually comes to light and further erodes the already low level of trust that the public have in their political leaders of all stripes. We the public need the truth to enable us to make well informed decisions on matters that affect the safety and wellbeing of ourselves and our families. I am extremely relieved that you seem to have grasped that important principle and hopefully your example will inspire other premiers and the federal government to do the same.

I admit that till recently I had the impression that you were another of those politicians like Donald Trump who had no respect for science or the warnings and future projections of the world’s scientific experts. I am delighted to be proven wrong in this case.

I ask that you learn from your COVID-19 experience the value of scientific expertise in protecting the public and that you apply that knowledge to the even greater threat to our survival posed by Climate Change. It is moving much more slowly but is behaving just like a pandemic. It is accelerating and it is crucial that steps be taken to mitigate it before it has grown to the point where we can no longer prevent it from running its course.

We have more accurate future projections from the world’s climate experts than those we have for the future of COVID-19. Please show the same commitment to follow the advice of climate scientists that you are showing to following the advice of medical scientists before the climate ‘pandemic’ has grown beyond any possibility for us to control it. Bearing down throughout this next decade is critical.

Yours Very Sincerely,

Robert K. Williams, Ph.D.