How you can stay green while under quarantine

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Going green in the regular everyday routine takes hard work, dedication and will power. It’s definitely not an easy lifestyle change to take on, especially when our world is built for convenience. But how do we keep staying green during quarantine?

Options have become limited such as bringing our own containers to the bulk food stores and not being able to use reusable shopping bags. To eliminate any kind of cross-contamination, our reusable items need to be washed after every use. So…how do we stay environmentally conscious during a time of worldwide crisis?

Reusable is still best. It may seem like a good idea to switch to disposable cups, plates and cutlery to prevent the spread, but that’s just a bad idea all around. You’re creating more waste, and waste collection staff can be exposed to what you’re putting on the curb for collection. Plus, soap and hot water cut through the coronavirus, which is why proper hand washing is crucial.

Wash your food. Now more than ever, it’s essential to make sure your produce is clean. All you need is a small amount of warm water and some dish soap and let them soak. There’s no need to run them under the water. When they’re done, add some more HOT water and use this water to wash your reusable straws and cutlery.

Use your dishwasher. Yes – a dishwasher uses much less water than handwashing. This is really good if you’re on a septic tank. It’s less stress on your system, especially now everyone is at home using the bathrooms and kitchens. Use this time to start a garden! We can reduce our carbon footprint, and in uncertain circumstances, it ensures that we will not run out of food supply.

Spending time outdoors can help boost your mood. Not sure where to start? You can use seeds from everyday foods that you’ve already purchased. Think of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, potatoes and even garlic. The list is endless. Save your used toilet paper rolls and make them into seedling starting pots. Slit the bottom ends vertically and push them into the tube to create the bottom. You can plant these right into the ground, and they will biodegrade (though it does take a couple of years.) Make sure to grab some seed starting soil from your local hardware store (online or curbside pickup.) And you’re good to go. As a bonus…not only will you avoid many trips to the grocery store and prevent so many germs from coming back into your home, but you will also increase your family and your community’s food security.

Seniors needing help with grocery pick up can call Community Care at 613-476-7493.

We are also delivering hot & frozen Meals on Wheels and making reassurance calls.

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes