Side road traffic an indicator of selfishness and disregard for others

Charles Dickens said “It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times.”  I suppose that could be said of these days of this pandemic We have never experienced anything like this in our lifetime.

It is frustrating to see the number of people who blatantly disregard the directive from our P.M and Premier to “stay home!” and to “social distance”.

We live on a county road where the traffic is constant and may be busier than any summer holiday weekend.  With most businesses closed and people told to work from home and practice social distancing, this shows total selfishness and disregard for the welfare of others.

This virus has no cure and can hit anyone at any age.  A person can have it and pass it on without showing any symptoms themselves.  So ignoring the directive endangers everyone and is spreading it rapidly, endangering anyone you come in contact with.  It is totally unfair to others and put lives of health care workers and other front line people at risk not to mention our entire economy.

Thank you to the people who are doing their part by staying at home.

Thank you to the front line or essential workers who risk being exposed to the virus in order to help or serve others.

Thank you to Sobeys and No Frills for initialing one way traffic down the aisles and separating people in the line for checkout.

Masks are advised for anyone going out in the USA.  Perhaps it would be a good protection for staff and all of us to wear masks too. I beg everyone to do their part.   If people had disregarded the blackout order during war time and allowed any light to show from their homes, they put their entire community at risk and were prosecuted.

People today who insist on travelling around, visiting and partying with their friends are putting everyone else at risk of this unseen plague.

M Tripp

Prince Edward County