Temporary food distribution depot set to open at Picton Town Hall

The former Picton Fire Hall is being converted into a temporary food depot. (Bill Roberts photo)


The municipality, along with dedicated volunteers, have been busy bolstering residents’ access to food during the COVID-19 crisis by working to set-up up a temporary food distribution depot. The depot is located at the Picton Town Hall.

The new food depot, being launched by both the County and the Food Collective, will be operational as of Friday, April 17th.

Picton Town Hall. (Jason Parks/Gazette staff)

Because of the widespread economic impact of the virus, there are many people out there in dire financial straits, wondering how they will pay for groceries to feed themselves and their families,” said Councillor John Hirsch. “We are heartened to see community members rally to support their neighbours during these tough times.”

Hirsch is joined by Councillors Kate MacNaughton and Bill Roberts as part of the food and food insecurity task team.

At the best of times, according to the 2018 Vital Signs Report, the County reports a food insecurity level of 10 per cent, or approximately 2,000 people. With many experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19, that number is sure to rise.

The temporary food depot is meant to bolster the services of pre-existing food banks during this bleak time.

The StoreHouse Foodbank in Wellington, the Picton United Church County Food Bank, and the Salvation Army in Picton are all still helping residents to meet their food needs in a safe manner while maintaining physical distancing.

For those wishing to offer support, The County Foundation has established a fund to support the broader Prince Edward County community during this period of uncertainty. Their goal is to raise $100,000 to support foodbanks, other food initiatives, and groups providing support in the areas connected to food and health. For details and to donate, please visit: https://thecountyfoundation.ca/covid-19-fund/

Those requiring support now, or in the future should contact the County’s COVID-19 Help Line at: 1-833-676-2148. Municipal staff are available to provide residents with detailed information about the various food programs available at this time along with how they can be accessed.

Residents interested in accessing the new food deport are encouraged to call ahead (1-833-676-2148) to arrange for contact-less pick up between noon and 5 p.m.