McCAW, Roger

In loving memory
Husband, Father, Papa
Roger McCaw
April 22, 1951 – April 22 2015x
Five years today I had to part
With the one I loved with all my heart
Though his smile is gone forever
And his hand I cannot touch
I still have memories
Of the one I loved so much.
I got a picture of you
I carry in my heart
I close my eyes to see it
When the world gets dark.
I got a memory of you
I carry in my soul
I wrap it close around me
When the nights get cold.
Every moment spent with you
Was a beautiful dream come true
As time rolls on I miss you more
A loving husband tender and kind
What beautiful memories you left behind.

I will always “Remember When”
Love always, Diane xo
In memory of Roger McCaw
Dad, we think of things you used to say
And all that you would do,
At some point every single day
Our thoughts will turn to you.
To lose you Dad was a bitter wrench
The pain cut to our core,
We cried until our tears ran out
And then we cried some more.
This wouldn’t be your wish for us
So we try to remind ourselves
Of the happy times we had.
I know we can’t be with you now
And you can’t be with us
But safe inside our hearts you will stay
That is where you will always be.

Love and miss you,
Chris & Darlene, Melissa & Scott
In memory of Roger McCaw
Best Papa Ever
To our Papa up in Heaven
We wanted you to know
We feel you watching over us
Every where we go.
We wish you were here with us
But that can never be,
Memories of you in our hearts
That only we can see.
We hope you understand
That we would give everything
If we could hold your hand.
We would hold you so tightly
And never let you go
And all the love inside us
To you we would show.
Papa, for now we are apart
You will always live inside us
Deep in our hearts.

Forever loved, Shelby, Briana, Kelsey, Brooke, Matthew, Cody, Courtney.