Each unnecessary outing like a pull on the trigger of COVID-19 gun

Been out working in the yard these past few weeks. I’m amazed at the number of tourists out for a ride.

The unfortunate part is that these people are playing Russian roulette. If they were only affecting their own wellbeing that would be OK. But each outing increases contact with others and with objects (gas fill up and other purchases, payments, etc…).

What part of ‘staying home’ do people not understand?

Each contact is one trigger pull. Each trigger pull is one step closer to infection and possible long term disability or death! And the resultant infections are not limited to those who flaunt restrictions.

Over the Easter weekend I noticed homes across the bay from our residence were lit up just for the weekend. I have seen seasonal residents travelling back and forth to their second home. Travel equals increased contact.

What part of ‘staying home’ does not register?

I can understand people looking to flee the bigger centers to stay in a safer place, but please stay put. Except for workers who have to engage in providing essential services, there are only two essential activities: fetching food and obtaining medical help!

Never mind going to the hardware store to get materials to fix that leaky gutter. If you get infected on the way, the leaky gutter may not matter, to you or others who you are about to infect!

Eric De Pauw

South Bay