Federal response to COVID-19 pandemic decried as second rate

As a lifelong community activist for public safety, and former expert in contamination control programs in the nuclear industry, I condemn Team COVID-19’s second rate response to the deadly pandemic.

It’s really a no-brainer. If you watch closely when an infected person stands in a beam of bright sunlight and coughs, you’ll actually see the fine spray or aerosol they’re releasing into the air, but which our National Defence Team COVID-19,  claims does not exist. If you step into that spray you’ll feel it on your face as you inhale those infectious microbes, and become another pandemic victim.

We know empirically that coughing produces airborne microbes, a natural shedding process that Team COVID-19 denies officially and disregards, because it would expose their failure to provision enough face masks for everyone in advance of the deadly airborne pandemic.  Consequently, they refuse to admit what many of us have experienced, namely that the virus travels as airborne particles, and the only effective barrier is a face mask in all public places.

Team Canada is a select group of politically controlled government scientists, who have recruited “confused science”, to impose a set of worst practices on Canadians, instead of the best protective practices. Following Washington’s incompetent lead, Ottawa prescribed the worst practices of social engineering like distancing, which has resulted in a pandemic disaster in both countries compared to China.

The federal and provincial government’s spotty, restrictive, selective, and meaningless testing methods conceal the real depth of infection in our communities, which goes largely undetected, and likely to be 4-10 times higher than admitted by governments. Less than 20 per cent of those infected report their illness, so the correction factor should be at least 4 times the published numbers.

While the western press turned a political blind eye to the real reasons for China’s immediate success, the Singapore press reported it accurately. China’s success in crushing the COVID-19 pandemic in Wuhan, was owed directly to the immediate and spontaneous use of ”best practices” like face masks for everyone, days before Wuhan was locked down. It happened naturally because face masks are part of daily life in Wuhan. At the first sign of communicable diseases, people in Wuhan don their own masks without being ordered.  Face masks stopped and held the rate of infection to a mere 0.00006. The US spread of infection without face masks for everyone, reached a high of 0.001, and Canada is not far behind at 0.0025.

If Canada’s Team COVID-19 had followed China’s very effective strategy instead of America’s, today our infection cases would be reduced amazingly from 44,364 to 1,980, and our deaths from 2,350, to 105. When everyone gets it, but Team COVID-19 doesn’t, it suggests strong political manipulation at the top.

An unprotected face is a gateway to infection, and the fastest way to flatten the infection curve is by prescribing respiratory protection for everyone in public places. Any mask, even homemade, is 100 per cent better than no protection at all.

Steve Staniek

Prince Edward County