Huff family donates towards fight against COVID-19 in QHC hospitals

COMMUNITY MINDED Catharine and Lanny Huff flank their daughter Janine at the Association for Fundraising Professionals 2017 philanthropy awards gala in Kingston. (Photo courtesy of Loyalist College)



A Prince Edward County family that have been long time and fervent supporters of hospital foundations in the Quinte area are stepping up to support local front line healthcare facilities.

The Huff family, who’ve been strong supporters of the Quinte Health Care (QHC) hospital foundations for many years, are helping fight against the global pandemic by donating to the QHC system through the Huff Family Fund (HFF).

Lanny and Catherine Huff through the HFF, a fund managed by The County Foundation, chose to make a timely donation to be used for critical equipment and supplies needed in the fight against COVID-19 across each of the four hospitals in the QHC system.

“Through our gift to the PECMH Foundation, we want to support a local network of care providers fighting on behalf of all of us as the world works to discover a long-term solution,” said Lanny Huff. “We hope this gift will help the patients and caregivers who are experiencing this awful virus and give our hospitals some of the tools they need to provide exceptional care close to home.”

Established in 2017, The HFF is managed by The County Foundation and encourages and supports vital initiatives that community groups pursue to make Prince Edward County so special. 

The HFF has provided significant philanthropic support to organizations and institutions and have administered more than 25 grants in 2019 and 2020 that fund projects and programs based in Prince Edward County, serving Prince Edward County people.

“We are incredibly proud to partner with the Huff family and PECMH Foundation to fight this pandemic,” said Brian Beiles, president of The County Foundation. “The Huff family have shown tremendous philanthropic leadership in healthcare for many years, and this donation will be a significant contribution to the efforts supporting Quinte Health Care at this time. The Community Foundation has a goal to raise $250,000 to help support the communities vulnerable in the areas of food and health during COVID-19. This donation is complimentary to our fundraising efforts and speaks to the impact our fundraising has on our community.”

Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation (PECMHF) is working alongside QHC to ensure support from the community to the COVID-19 Relief Fund will have a meaningful impact where and when it’s needed most. 

Donors fund 100 per cent of the equipment in QHC hospitals. Supporters like the Huff family, are incredibly important to the health care system across the Quinte region.

“The Huff family’s remarkable commitment to helping our community will result in frontline staff, across the entire Quinte region, having access to critical equipment which will help to keep them safe,” said Shannon Coull, executive director of the PECMH Foundation. “We continue to be deeply grateful for Lanny and Catharine’s ongoing generosity and legacy. I’m also grateful for their confidence in our Foundation to work with QHC to disperse their donated funds to support each hospital within the Quinte region. What a humbling reminder that we have many heroes to thank for advancing healthcare in our QHC hospitals, both in the community and on the frontline.”

The contribution from PEC Community Foundation’s Huff Family Fund will support purchases of personal protective equipment, reconfiguration of space to accommodate COVID patients and equipment which can be sterilized and used again as well as other COVID related expenses that have and will be incurred by QHC in the coming weeks and months.

“Each of our QHC hospitals have been impacted by COVID-19. We need to unify to keep our hospitals strong and well equipped in the face of adversity,” said Coull. “PECMHF will continue to find visionary ways to support healthcare delivery across our region so we can get through this time of uncertainty together.”

The Huff family have allowed PECMHF to publicize the news of their generosity in the hope it will inspire others to follow their lead.

“Now more than ever, our hospitals are counting on philanthropy to help our residents stay safe and healthy,” said Catharine Huff.  “It is not an option to do nothing when there’s so much need. Our family has benefitted in many ways over the years from the hospitals’ incredible medical services. It’s our pleasure to help the QHC hospitals deal with the COVID-19 crisis during these difficult times.”

Quinte Health Care representatives were extremely grateful to receive this leadership donation.

“It is with great respect and appreciation I say thank you for this remarkably generous gift,” said Brad Harrington, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, QHC. “This significant donation will have an immediate impact on our ability to provide our frontline team of staff and physicians with the resources they need to continue to provide exceptional care to the patients we serve.”

The PECMHF is a charitable organization whose mission is to raise money to advance health care for the patients of the hospital and the people of Prince Edward County.

“We have a special place in our hearts for Catharine and Lanny,” said Coull. “Not only as we partner with them and the County Foundation to help put this pandemic behind us, but for their ongoing support that has helped us to purchase medical equipment for our current hospital as well as help us to build a new hospital for Prince Edward County.”

For more information about the Huff Family Fund please visit

For information on PECMH Foundation or to make a donation to COVID-19 Relief please call 613-476-1008 ext. 4502 or visit their website