Staying closed through July ‘Economic Suicide’ for local businesses

To Mayor and Council;

Must say, after receiving the County Newsletter a few days ago, I’m very concerned about the Mayor’s decision to keep everything closed until July 31, 2020.

As a tourism based business, July and August are when I make the bulk of my income, which sustains me through the winter.

I am considering selling and moving to operate my Bed & Breakfast in another county. As it is, with the current COVID-19 situation, tourism will be compromised, staying closed until the end of July is economic suicide.

I know I’m not the only County resident and/or small business in this perplexing position.

Tell me, the federal government is helping financially right now, but who’s going to help in July and August (and September and October and November and December and then January and February 2021)?

Please don’t give me your all polite answer to justify the Mayor’s proposal, just don’t allow it to happen. Open the County as soon as the Federal and Provincial government deem safe.

A very concerned citizen,

Treese Moore

Picton, Ontario