Wellings of Picton makes contribution to PECMHF PPE drive

A WELLSPRING OF SUPPORT The Wellings of Picton are supporting the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation PPE drive. Pictured from left at the Wellings of Picton are Shannon Coull, Executive Director of the PECMH Foundation, Katherine Langabeer, Sales and Marketing Manager for the Wellings of Picton, Rachel Henry, General Manager of the Wellings of Picton and Briar Boyce, Senior Development Officer with the Foundation. (Photo submitted by Jessica Dore)

The latest local business to step up in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis is the Wellings of Picton.

The Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation has partnered with many individuals, organizations and service clubs who have contributed to provide frontline staff with personal protective equipment (PPE) and our County hospital with financial assistance. With local healthcare systems caring for patients with the coronavirus, as well as those with other illnesses and injuries, the need for appropriate PPE and medical supplies is increasing daily.

The Wellings of Picton’s donation of $2,500 will help Quinte Health Care (QHC) obtain resources to care for patients, protect health care workers and further prevent the spread of the disease.

“We are very pleased that the funds are getting into the hands of those who need them,” said Rachel Henry, general manager of the Wellings of Picton. “As we all work together during this pandemic; we hope this contribution helps provide care to those who need it most across the Quinte region. The Wellings of Picton are proud to support the dedicated staff who are working hard each day to take care of our community.”

The funds will be going into PECMHF’s COVID-19 Relief Fund, which will help offset the purchase of PPE and/or specialized equipment related to COVID-19 throughout the QHC hospital system.

“It’s all about finding ways to come together as a community, while being apart,” said Shannon Coull, Executive Director of the PECMH Foundation. “We realize how difficult this time of social distancing can be for many, including the residents who live at the Wellings of Picton, and we appreciate the efforts of all those helping to keep our community, patients and staff safe.”

Charities are critical in the response to COVID-19, both during the crisis and when we begin to recover afterwards. The flexibility associated with the PECMHF COVID-19 Relief Fund allows PECMHF to act quickly and disperse the funding to QHC almost immediately.

“While we may be physically apart, we are seeing our community come together more than ever before,” said Coull.  “This contribution from the Wellings of Picton puts lifesaving equipment into the hands of our frontline health care workers and helps to ensure our community receives the critical care it needs in the fight against COVID-19.”

If you are able to support PECMH at this urgent time, please consider making a donation today. Your gift, of any amount, will make a difference. To donate now, visit our website at www.pecmhf.ca, call us at 613-476-1008 ext. 4502 or mail your gift to PECMH Foundation, 403 Main St., Picton, ON, K0K 2T0.