Stories from our past-May 21, 2020

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • A shower tea will be held at the Picton Gold and Country Club on June 2nd, to which all members and stakeholders are invited. Each one is asked to donate some article towards the furnishing of the club house.
  • Miss Gena Branscombe has been invited to play at a reception at the American Ambassador’s in Berlin in honour of President Roosevelt, and at which the Emperor of Germany is to be present.
  • Never have the people of Picton and the county at large witnessed a more impressive service than that held on Friday morning in loving memory of our late lamented King Edward VII.


  • The Sir Thomas Picton Chapter, I.O.D.E., is sending another large box to Aldershot for members of Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment.
  • Pte. Arthur Wilson, who is on leave from Quebec, was quite badly injured while riding on a motorcycle on Tuesday morning.
  • Driven by a strong wind, flames shot through the town marsh Wednesday afternoon, causing a spectacular blaze which drew large crowds of spectators.


  • When strong discipline is called for on a troublesome child, better the strap than sarcasm. Such was the advice of Lloyd Dennis, one of Ontario’s outstanding educators.
  • Mrs. Herb Knight was a guest Mother’s Day of Mr. And Mrs. Lewis Wight and family. They all enjoyed dinner at Lakeland Lodge after attending Wellington United Church
  • The second meeting of the Milford and District 4-H calf club was held on Monday, May 11 at the barn of Tom Walmsley.


  • The year the Recreation and Parks Department is continuing two of its programs; the spring playgrounds and the Saturday morning softball.
  • Mrs. Victory Paqiz was host to the Cherry Valley Women’s Institute on Tuesday. The role call was an exchange of plants, slips and seeds.
  • Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital is busier than ever. During the past year ending on March 31, the hospital admitted 1,899 patients who had a total stay of 17,291 days. The average length of stay was 9.1 days.