Pine trees culled at Glenwood Cemetery

Two large pine trees have been removed from Glenwood Cemetery. (Submitted photo)

Heavy winds and circumstance are to blame for recent tree culling exercises at Picton’s ‘City of the Dead.’

In an effort to keep the public aware of what’s happening with regards to the arboreal accents at Glenwood Cemetery, organization spokesperson Mary Sinclair explains the root cause of the loss of two large pine trees originated last fall when a wind storm blew down a large pine near the lower garage.

“Fortunately it didn’t damage any headstones but it did hit another pine on the way down, breaking some of that tree’s limbs,” Sinclair explained.

A crew from Tim McConnell Tree Service had been working on the grounds earlier this month as part of the clean up effort of the still-standing second pine tree when strong winds came up, swaying a pine nearby and evealing a huge crack that went all the way to the ground.

“The arborist advised us that such an extensive crack would make the tree highly susceptible to falling in high winds,” Sinclair noted.  “We never like to lose trees, but our primary concern is always the safety of our visitors and staff. The tree was felled strategically  – a tricky feat around several old headstones.”

The decision to cull the pine was revealed as a sage choice as a serious case of rot was revealed in the trunk of the tree.