Without action, County will be next COVID-19 hotspot

For those of us who are “sprung chickens” and particularly for those who are immune-compromised, the County is becoming the place to be for those who don’t give a toss about anyone, let alone themselves.

With reckless abandon they’re pouring in. Via our highways and county roads, they’re coming in droves to the Sandbanks, to our parks,  and to our grocery stores.

Parents, their children, millennials. And guess what? They’re not wearing masks! And they’re not social-distancing!

This past weekend, with beach parking lots closed, cars lined both sides of County Road 12 for a stretch of over 3 kilometres.

Eager weekenders walked down the road and over the dunes to gain access to the beaches.

By Sunday afternoon the remains of their picnics filled available disposal containers to overflowing, with garbage spilling over from every garbage bin.  And with no toilet facilities open, the inevitable happened.

Then they left, with their garbage, the depleted grocery stores, and perhaps COVID-19 behind them.

Governments at all levels, and their law enforcement agencies simply must put further measures in place to stop the unconscionable recklessness experienced here last weekend.

Wearing a face mask and social distancing must become law if we are to survive these unprecedented, dangerous times. Urgently-needed protective requirements already in place must be made mandatory.  It’s our responsibility.  If our elected politicians and legislators don’t act now, this beautiful county we call home is guaranteed to be the next hot-spot for COVID-19.

It needn’t be.

Claudia Jean McCabe