Stories from our past – June 4, 2020

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • A very important and largely attended meeting was held in Belleville for the purpose of considering the situation in reference to supplying electric power to various municipalities along the lake front, Bay of Quinte and other places. 
  • The Rev. John Galt who has accepted the call given by the Picton Baptists, is expected to take up duties next Sunday. 
  • Cherry Valley – The Women’s Institute had an open meeting the the church. Miss Hotson of Parkhill, gave an address, “influence of Environment,” Mrs. McTurk, of Lucas, also addressed the audience on “Our Girls”.


  • This week and last, the annual distribution of young trees from the Government Forestry Station at the Sandbanks has been taking place. Forty thousand young trees this year are being planted by farmers of Prince Edward County.
  • When a dog bites a man that’s not news, but when a man bites a dog, this is news! Similarly, if a cat attacks a robin that’s not news, but if a robin attacks a cat that is news. The latter occurrence took place at Burr’s according to a story told to The Gazette by Mrs. George Fox.
  • Picton Dominions are ready for the opening here Friday night of the Belleville district softball league, with Point Anne as the visitors. Mayor McKibbon will officially open the season.


  • Details of a $1 million loan fund for tourist operators were made known in a joint announcement by Tourism and Information Minister, James A. C. Auld and Stanley J. Randall, Minister of Trade and Development.
  • A nine-year-old from Consecon recently proved his dash and daring in the sixth annual soap box derby sponsored by the Trenton Kinsmen Club. Steven Tarzwell brought the county top honours when he won the grand championship.
  • Renovations to the Armory Mall, owned and operated by Standard Trust Co., are currently under way by Clapham Construction Co. a mall tenant.


  • Prince Edward Yacht Club is seeking to improve its docking facilities to attract more weekend sailors into Picton Bay. Club commodore Ray Woods says with this objective a $20,000 shoreline improvement loan has been granted by the provincial government under the Shoreline Property Assistant Act.
  • Bloomfield’s library grant for 1980 will remain at $1,000, despite the village’s request for a return to last year’s funds of $1,700. County Council voted down the request.
  • The Province of Ontario is spending $2,287 to provide a meals-on-wheels service to senior citizens in Picton, Keith C. Norton, Minister of Community and Society Services and James Taylor, MPP for Prince Edward – Lennox announce.