LETTER: Ports of Entry at harbours must stay in public domain

I read with interest the article about the effort by Tenacity to develop Picton and Wellington harbours (Council moves ahead with talks for pirate operation of marinas, June 4, Picton Gazette).

It is admirable except for one thing that very much struck my eye. Any attempt to control ports of entry into this nation must be the right and only privilege of government.

This is a national responsibility. Especially in this brave new world in which we are embarking. Immigration and the lands whereupon those decisions are made, must remain in the public domain. Not private. Never.

The U.S. Port of Entry must become a County deeded property or nationally deeded, and the rights and responsibilities attached thereto remain a national issue.

It would be unbelievably corrupt to allow an individual and or corporation to control this issue.

And $1 per year??!!  This is not a time to panic and sell off our public assets for a song.  Very serious consideration and due diligence is required before this proposal gets any approval.

Hillary Arthur Amolins