FILO, Louis

Louis Filo
February 23, 1942 – June 28, 2010
On his 10th Anniversary of passing, Louis is fondly remembered by his widow Katarina, Fiona Daughters Betty & Kathy and their spouses Trent and Mark and his cherished granddaughter Chloe. He’ll always remain in our hearts. Louis was an avid sailor and this was his favourite poem.
Boater’s Prayer
I wandered, lonely as a cloud.
Beside the boats, moored row on row.
When all at once, I heard a voice:
It murmured soft. It murmured low.
There was pathos in that lonely sound,
and pleading in each word.
I could not help but bend an ear.
And this is what I overheard:
“Lord”, it said, “don’t ask much:
not wealth, or glory, fame or such.
All I ask are simple things,
that carefree boating always brings.
Give me days forever fair:
an engine that will run on air.
Give me brass that just won’t tarnish,
let my hull be free from stains.
With no leaks dripping when it rains.
And, if by change, I hit the quay,
let there be no one there to see.
And lastly, Lord, when it’s time to go,
let there be boats, and lakes,
in Heaven’s glow.”