LETTER: Reader refutes ‘Holding Court’ depiction

On September 1, 2020, Prince Edward County’s Municipal Council is scheduled to consider recommendations on the future of the bronze statue of Macdonald Holding Court.

Supporters and critics of the statue disagree about Macdonald’s legacy and the impact on everyday people of honouring him with a public memorial. The small group that pushed for the statue’s installation on Picton Main Street in 2015 claimed then and insist now that Holding Court captures an important moment in Macdonald’s young life and Prince Edward’s early history.

A fair look at the facts shows that there’s no evidence that the events depicted in Macdonald Holding Court ever happened. The details, including reproductions of some fascinating original documents from Picton’s historic Court House, can be found here: http://paulallen.ca/time-for-truth-and-reconsideration-in-prince-edward-county/.

We’re hoping anyone who’s concerned about preserving the history of Prince Edward, will take a second look at whether Macdonald Holding Court is really part of that history.”

Paul Allen