Baxter Arts Centre launches ‘Chump Change Challenge’

(Submitted Photo)

Using less cash these days? Tap it seems is the way to pay during the pandemic. 

The Baxter Arts Centre wants to free you of your unwanted and nearly obsolete coins. The stacks on your dresser, the pile on the kitchen counter, the brimming mug of currency and the un-needed and unwanted chump change in your jacket pockets and weighing down your jeans. 

“We would really appreciate it if we could take that that outdated coin collection off your hands and put it toward a great cause” said Gillian Maloney, the Chair of the Baxter Arts Centre’s Board of Directors. That “great cause”, according to Maloney, is the Baxter Arts Centre, which has been a community-owned place for arts education and programming since 2011. It has offered everything from music for tots, to relaxed drawing classes, writing workshops, health and wellbeing classes and a whole lot of fun for all ages. The Quarter Moon Coffee House calls “The Baxter” home.

The phrase “chump change” first popped up in the mid-20th century. Its meaning today is “a small or trivial amount of money”.

Maybe so says Maloney but its welcomed and needed to help “The Baxter” continue to provide affordable arts education and programming to the residents of Prince Edward County.

To help you out with wrangling your loose change, “The Baxter” is offering a free retro style nod to the Andy Warhol Soup Can. This is where you can collect those wayward coins. And it comes with a handy slot in the top so you can easily fill and store your outmoded way to pay.

Interested? Here’s  how you can participate- Email Let him know you’d like to take up the Challenge. He’ll make sure you get a can to collect that dreaded coin clutter. The Challenge goes on until the end of October. By Nov. 15,  you will be notified if you have won one of three prizes.

Prizes will be given for the three heaviest cans (Hint: the larger coins weigh a lot more than dimes or pennies). Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $10 or more.

More information is available at