Customers, volunteers back at Thrift Shop

Community Care’s Thrift Shop at 153 Main Street has been open for several weeks. We were very careful with the reopening because the safety of volunteers, customers, donors and the general public is important to the success of the Thrift Shop. The operation is essential to the agency and to the provision of services to help seniors live at home.

There’s really no better way to describe volunteering at Community Care’s Thrift Shop than through the words of the volunteers themselves.

Janice said that “coming back to work the cash at the Thrift Shop has been an easy and welcome transition from spending so much time at home. I’ve met some new volunteers, the shoppers coming in are respectful of the rules, and the procedure changes have been clear and easily managed.”

Volunteer Kathy enthused “it’s good to be volunteering again at the Community Care Thrift Shop even during these COVID times. Before coming back I wondered how it would work. It is different for sure but with all the precautions in place it feels quite safe and I have never felt at risk. We do a little more cleaning and of course we all wear our masks and use lots of hand sanitizer. The customers who have come in on Friday afternoons are wonderful about wearing masks and doing their social distancing. And they’re all pretty excited that we finally take debit! Overall, it has been fairly easy to get used to this “new normal” at the Thrift Shop.”

This is the practical matter-of-fact thinking of our volunteer Ingrid. “Welcome to the New Normal — these unprecedented pandemic times of mask wearing, hand washing, sanitizing, steaming and physical distancing. Despite all of this, I still enjoy volunteering at the Thrift Shop because it allows me to make a meaningful and purposeful contribution to our Community to keep seniors living at home. Our customers cooperate and understand and really do appreciate what we do and love the great bargains we provide. It’s a win-win situation. A very big thank you to our brilliant Committee Members for all their up-front hard work in preparing the Store to make it safe for volunteers, customers, donors and staff.”

We’re always recruiting new volunteers because there are more seniors to help, more things to be done. At the present time, we have lots of room for more volunteers at the Thrift Shop. We can even accommodate volunteers who are away for several weeks a year (some are snowbirds) so don’t let that stop you from putting your name forward. We have a Thrift Shop orientation session coming up (virtual of course) so we’re anxious to recruit new volunteers.

Call the office at 613-476-7493 and leave a detailed message.

Start the conversation about volunteering today!

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes