PEPtBO will remain closed for the fall season

A Spotted Towhee in southern Prince Edward County earlier this year. (Photo submitted by Paul Jones)




As the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory (PEPtBO) stays closed to visitors though this global pandemic, the group announced it will remain closed when fall banding resumes.

After the pandemic forced the cancellation of all spring banding activity, PEPtBO will commence its migratory bird banding and monitoring program on August 15 however, opportunities to view the banding of birds on their way to Southern climes and photograph both the common and rare versions of  the feathered travellers will not be possible.

“Given uncertainties and concerns around COVID-19, PEPtBO now has taken the decision to close the Observatory to visitors for the duration of migration monitoring Access to the Observatory’s trails and facilities will remain off-limits to the public,” said PEPtBO President Julie White in a statement.

Given how many nature-lovers look forward to visiting the Observatory during this period of high activity when thousands of birds come through the South Shore IBA in the County on their way to warmer climates, PEPtBO is exploring ways in which virtual visitors can be kept up-to-date on species seen and banded at Point Traverse.

“We haven’t taken this step lightly,” expressed White in a statement. “We do so recognizing we need to put the safety of our staff and volunteers first as we meet our obligations as a member of the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network.”

To find out how the closure of the Observatory to the public affects any events which had been scheduled to take place at or around the Observatory, contact the event organizers directly.

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