LETTER: July 23 Macdonald revisionism denies facts and legacy says Sinclair

The piece “Online petition calls for Holding Court to remain at Picton Library” (July 23, The Picton Gazette) contains so many factual errors – and outright mistruths – regarding Sir John A. Macdonald’s legacy with Indigenous communities one doesn’t know where to begin.

The so-called “experts” who have created this petition and making these arguments are clearly invested in one-dimensional perspectives – and frankly, nonsense – like the argument Macdonald was invested in supporting Indigenous communities and reconciliation.

This is preposterous, ignores the facts, and absolutely no reputable scholar has made this claim for decades. Listening to such revisionism denies the facts Macdonald was a man who sent Gatling guns to massacre communities, only communicated with Indigenous leaders he could manipulate, tore children away from their parents and perpetrated some of the largest theft of Indigenous territories in Canadian history.

If Picton wants to reduce violence, forge healthy relationships with the Indigenous community, and actually promote reconciliation I’d suggest doing more reading and research than listening to apologists who clearly haven’t read the scholarship.

Niigaan James Sinclair

Associate Professor

Department of Native Studies

The University of Manitoba