Stories from our past – July 30, 2020

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…



  • The Picton Yacht Club has added another triumph to its already long list. The regatta of Tuesday last was a most decided success, and an event as delightful and interesting as it was successful.
  • As Demorestville was for years the most important place in Sophiasburgh, and for a time was a very formidable rival for first place in the County, it is only fitting that at this stage of the township history the story of its early days, and likewise the story of its founder, Guilliame Demorest, should be told.
  • Bloomfield Baseball Club is at the top of the Prince Edward League this season as usual. During the four seasons since this League was organized Bloomfield has won out three times and Demorestville once.



  • A beautiful trim two-masted schooner, “El Viento,” owned by Major E. A. Steer of National Yacht Club, Toronto, on a cruise through the Bay of Quinte, called at Prince Edward Yacht Club, Picton, last week. Five other passengers were aboard the schooner.
  • Forty girls from Prince Edward County, Belleville, Trenton, Kingston and Napanee are enjoying a ten-day vacation at the W.C.T.U.-sponsored camp on the shores of Consecon Lake.
  • William A. Pope, son of Arthur Pope, Picton, is taking a course in aeronautical engineering at the Boeing School of Aeronautics, Oakland Airport, Oakland, California. He is specializing in designing as befits his artistic talent.



  • Plans for a major expansion of the West Lake Nursing Home have been announced by proprietor Jon Hand. Mr. Hand said Wednesday the footings have been dug and work is already proceeding on the project.
  • Stanley Little, president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, has announced the appointment of Dick Proctor as Assistant to the Director of Public Relations for the 140,000 member organization.
  • Picton OPP report a deer killed by a car on County Road 15 in front of the Quinte Resort Thursday evening. The car was driven by Paul John Bartolo, 16, of Toronto, and sustained approximately $20 damage. No injuries.



  • At Outlet Beach 4 local bicyclists and members of the Quinte Bicycle Club will join members of the Ontario Cycling Association in a series of bicycle tours around Prince Edward County.
  • Neither Jean Kerr nor Joan Scanlon claim to be engineers, but both are upset enough about the annual disappearance of their driveway to offer some advice to local politicians.
  • A summer storm that dumped close to four inches of rain on Prince Edward County early Tuesday morning had Picton residents busy bailing out basements and backyards while work crews scrambled to stave off rushing flood water.