Possibilities are endless at Makerspace

Picton Branch of the Prince Edward County Public Library. (Desirée Decoste/Gazette Staff)

Create a custom box to hold board game pieces. Embroider a tote bag. Engrave a piece of wood. Cut vinyl signage for your business.

These, and many more projects, are possible in the Picton Branch Library community makerspace. Although the library is back open, we are encouraged by Public Health to limit time spent in the branch. This has made using the tools at the Picton Branch Library community makerspace a challenge as many of the projects require several hours and working in close contact with a library staff member instructing you on the use of the machines.  However, to ensure that you’re still able to benefit from the machines, the library’s tech staff is now able to make items for you.  Many of the machines have a small cost for use which covers any supplies used. We’ll provide you the pricing information before we make your project.

The Makerspace includes a number of tools  – often machines that you might not want to own but that you could benefit from using occasionally.  This includes two 3D Printers, which can be used to create custom items from biodegradable PLA plastic. For example, we have printed replacement shower curtain hooks for a library patron whose specifically-sized hooks were no longer available.  You can also browse thingiverse.com to get inspiration for potential projects, and download the items to print.

Another tool in the makerspace is a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine. This can be used to cut paper, but it is most commonly used to cut vinyl – adhesive vinyl that can be used to label lunch boxes, make decorations, and create signs, and heat transfer vinyl which is used to decorate tshirts and other fabric items.

The newest addition to the makerspace is a Dremel laser cutter.  The Digilab Laser Cutter can be used for everything from cutting detailed designs in paper, to engraving leather, and more. It is capable of cutting, scoring, and engraving a variety of hard and soft materials from wood and glass to fabric, paper, and leather for a diverse set of projects and applications.  While we’re experimenting with this new machine, it is available for use at no charge, so if you have something you’d like to engrave or cut this is a great time to try it.

The makerspace also has a button maker, embroidery machine, podcasting tools, and design software. If you’re interested in creating something using these tools, contact Dave and Aaron at the Picton Branch Library by phone (613) 476-5962 or email techhelp@peclibrary.org.  When you call, they will be able to discuss your project in depth.  In some cases you may need to provide a file (for example, they may ask you to browse thingiverse.com and provide them with the link to the item you would like to have 3D printed).

Please note that while the machines are physically located at the Picton Branch, they are available for anyone and we can send your finished object to any branch of the library for you to collect. For more about the resources in the makerspace, visit peclibrary.org/makerspace.

-Liz Zylstra