A resolution to rescind two hour parking limit in Bloomfield receives support around the horseshoe

Phil Prinzen. (Jason Parks/Gazette Staff)



A two hour parking limit bylaw that had only recently been put in place has been rescinded after a resolution put forward by Councillor Phil Prinzen during Prince Edward County Council’s August 4th Regular Council Meeting. The resolution was voted on as a Prinzen/Nieman motion.

The original bylaw was intended to regulate and control parking lots on municipal property, especially during the busy summer season.

Prinzen noted there are several reasons he brought forward the resolution in question. Firstly, Prinzen had been approached by the Bloomfield & Area Business Association (BABA) who cited concern that two hours was not enough time for visitors to enjoy all Bloomfield has to offer.

“BABA has approached me and said maybe this isn’t the best thing for the village. They’re finding that maybe two hours isn’t enough to enjoy Bloomfield, especially with everything taking longer for shops and amenities,” said Prinzen. “People aren’t visiting all the shops or partaking of all the food because they’re worried about the two hour parking limit.”

The second issue brought forward by Prinzen is the vast expanse of the no parking zone. The current hindrance to parking encompasses some areas that are not commercial, but residential-an issue that could cause problems for residents.

“Another issue is the size of the no parking zone. I should have picked up on this when it was brought up at first,” said Prinzen. “It goes all the way to the corner when going to the Sandbanks. Really, that’s residential, so now we have residential people who can’t have family over for more than two hours, sometimes that’s good sometimes not.”

Prinzen noted he would be willing to “take a bit of the blame” for the parking mishaps in Bloomfield, stating proper public consultation would be needed.

“I think, until we have a proper parking study, we should rescind the two hour time limit for the village of Bloomfield,” he stated.

The motion to accept Prinzen’s resolution was carried without comment.