From Lynda Parks Sahadat & Family

Thank you to all the essential healthcare workers, physicians, nurses, allied healthcare and support personnel who were on the teams that cared for Joseph Sahadat over the years. For 22 years, Joseph was in and out of PECMH and your attentive care was key in him reaching his 71st  year. Some of you were his nurses in 1998 and it was a great comfort to him to see you at his bedside in March 2020! The community caregivers provided by ParaMed, VON, Bayshore and Saint Elizabeth’s were exceptional in their care of Joseph. He looked forward to your visits and enjoyed telling stories and hearing your anecdotes. Blessings to Rev. Phil Hobbs for his visits, phone calls and spiritual support.  Thank you to everyone who expressed their condolences and fondly recalled their times with Joseph via cards, letters, e-mails, in person and with floral tributes. Every gesture is truly appreciated and we cherish your remembrances. Lynda Parks Sahadat & Family