LETTER: Councillors not the only ones “Wellington weary”

It was reported on Aug 6, 2020 by a Quinte radio station post, that some Prince Edward County Councillors are getting “Wellington weary” because of the frequency of stressful issues from the village.

You have no idea what ‘weary’ is…try living near Beach and Main Street.

Weary is having hundreds of people walk on your lawn.

Weary is having people let their dog defecate in your back yard.

Weary is not being able to get near the Post office on a Friday or Saturday.

Weary is asking the woeful County employee “If you see a grey truck, let him in the street, he is our son.”

Weary is having to place traffic cones in our driveway to stop people from parking on my property.

Weary is having to go on Belleville St., Niles St., 2nd Ave, and Consecon St. if I want to get to the west end of town.

Weary is people stopping in the middle of Main Street to let people out for the beach, to let people out for the Market and people who open their cars doors without considering traffic.

Weary is washing your vehicle and less than an hour later after 30+ cars and 3 water trucks go by – it is covered in dust.

Councillors, if you are tired of talking about Wellington, maybe you could do something instead of more ‘studies or research’. The parking and traffic changes on West St., Water St., and Niles St. – have been in the works for a year, oh yeah, maybe the ‘process’ was not perfect. It was suggested the water trucks have a different access point – nothing has been done. Wellington Harbour was to be dredged in 2019 – nothing has been done, now boats are grounding. However, a Community Safety Zone was created – one would wish one could go 40km per hour on Main St. Not a chance.

Councillor’s myopic view of their own individual world has led to the proliferation of STA’s which has destroyed communities in Prince Edward County – especially Wellington.

Scott Johnston