LETTER: “Boorists” need to be reminded of local COVID measures

Our distancing and safety measures only work if we ‘enforce’ them with the ‘boorists’ in our community.

On Sunday in Canadian Tire I came across two sets of customers not wearing masks. No one on the staff challenged them as they shopped.

I politely asked the first man who strode right past me, where was his mask. He answered, “I’m exempt.” I had to take that at face value.

Then, two young Quebec men stood within a metre of me at the check-out. They had pulled T-shirts over their mouths and let them drop. I asked them the same question in French.

At first they shrugged and pointed to the soccer ball they were buying. Then I asked again. They answered they were just there for a few moments. I explained as politely as I could they were placing me in danger and that wasn’t acceptable.   At that, one man left the store. The other put on his black mask and waited in line, at a better distance. I thanked him.

As I pushed a cart to my car, the first young man almost reversed his into me. I had to jump out of the way. Then the second one hopped in, and they roared off, cutting in front of another car.

So speak up but beware!

JC Sulzenko

South Marysburgh