LETTER: For-profit Long Term Care homes concern reader

Dear editor, I’m concerned about the for-profit motives that long term care homes have in caring for seniors.

I am not only concerned because of COVID, but have always held this concern. As in any kind of situation where the desire for profit is involved, expenses will be cut whenever possible in order to maximize profit.

I am also a Child and Youth Worker and am not in favour of for-profit group homes, either. Those who are most vulnerable, needing a non-family member to care for a person because they have needs greater than what the average person can provide, need to be cared for by an altruistic system, not a for-profit system where there are people and corporations at the top hoping to garner the biggest income they can this year.

The Council for Canadians is campaigning the government to address the issue of for-profit nursing homes and I urge all readers to consider what the issue of for-profit long term care (and group homes) means for our society and what we provide for those in need.

Sami Lester

Prince Edward County