LETTER: GDP should not be put ahead of Quality of Life

The County is losing its quality of life along with many other places in the world. They become too condensed with people and unaffordable for many.

However, countries like Iceland and New Zealand have recognized this and have established a ‘Well-Being Budget’. This is to find ways to improve people’s lives and address things that detract from it. It improves its citizens wellbeing, socially, economically and address inequalities. They now put this above the GDP.

Let me give you a simple example of what I am talking about. 15 years ago, we had two mothers spending their final years in The Manor on The Parkway. They loved it there. On nice days we would ask if they would like to go on a picnic. We would pick them up and drive down to West Lake. It was busy but we could always find a parking spot, a shade tree, an have tea, sandwiches and biscuits.

We never had to line-up or were turned away. We could spend quality time with our mothers and they enjoyed this outing. This was an important social activity to both them and us. It is an asset to the enjoyment of life- a benefit of living in the County. This type of enjoyment seems now lost due to the interest of business, over crowding and the GDP.

Quality of life must come before GDP.

Brian Mellor

Loyalist Parkway