LETTER: ‘Out of County’ company doesn’t care about community

Is Council seriously considering the rezoning application submitted by Picton Terminals?

The proposed zoning by-law amendment will also have the effect of rezoning a portion of the property zoned MX and RU1 to a site-specific Special Extractive Industrial (MX-X) zone in order to permit new uses including cruise ship docking and open storage as accessory. The MX-X zone will permit transshipment and cruise docking uses as well as explicitly permit open storage on the site. The proposed amendment will allow the entire site to be utilized for the bulk storage of goods in association with the transshipment use. On and off loading will be allowed 24/7.

As a long time resident of 30 years, my wife and I have seen many changes in The County. Most of these changes have been positive and resulted in being good for most citizens. Not surprisingly, there have been a few bad things happening, the deterioration of Hwy 49 being one. But what has topped the list of bad things has been the terrible actions of Picton Terminals and their total lack of good neighbour policies and disregard of rules including provincial regulations and court orders. They have touted employment as a win-win for The County….what utter BS.

Our water supply has been contaminated due to activity at the port and Picton Terminals have drastically increased noise pollution-not only from their site, but also due the huge increase of heavy trucks roaring along Hwy 49-most in total disregard of the speed limit. Could any of you in Council please tell me what tangible benefits Picton Terminals has added to the tax payers of The County?

They are an ‘ out of County ‘ business and they don’t give a damn about the people of The County or the damage they are doing in The County. The bottom line rules and when it becomes obvious that we don’t want them and that we want them to pay their way in The County….maybe, just maybe, we can see them move on to another unsuspecting location.

Please, members of Council, do not yield to this ridiculous re-zoning application. It adds nothing to the quality of life in The County. It adds nothing tangible to our tax base, it is pure and utter folly.

David & Lynn Edward

Hwy 49