LETTER:Death toll at North Beach not going away

Life’s a (North) Beach, and then you die. Three deaths by drowning at North Beach in one month, two on Jul 26 and another on Aug 27. This is horrific.

The main problem is a dangerous undertow on windy days. Many people like to play in waves but don’t know about undertows, and don’t anticipate danger in shallow waters. A recipe for disaster. Parks Ontario does little to ensure visitors’ safety at North Beach, and there’s no indication of planned improvements. I can almost hear them saying, “Safety is NOT our first concern”.

Can County folk can help warn visitors about the beach?

How about changing our local name for North Beach to something that alerts visitors to the danger?

Some possibilities:

• Paramedics Beach. People will ask, “Why is it called that?”

• Plage 911 Beach. Works for our French visitors as well.

• Dead Man’s Beach. Abrupt but clear.

• Undertaker’s Beach. Get the connection to undertow?

• Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here Beach.

A bit wordy, I’ll admit. But seriously folks, something needs to be done. This problem won’t go away by itself.

Gary Mooney

Hillier Ward