LETTER: More industrial use at PT makes no sense for taxpayers

Regarding the application of the Picton Terminals, I would like to make a point.

Everyone in the County knows that Highway 49 is in a terrible state of disrepair.

I would argue that it presents a safety hazard. Major work has been needed for many years but the County cannot afford it. When the road is finally done, heavy industrial traffic will only serve to deteriorate it at an advanced rate. The application by Picton Terminals to receive and transport containers depends on a sound infrastructure to transport them out.

The County does not possess this and the taxpayers of the County have no business being expected to provide this to the applicants or to subsidize the long term damage that would result from the traffic.

I cannot imagine any circumstance in which the County would benefit from the approval of this application.

With all due respect to the applicants, considering how the County is transforming to be the destination of choice for many, I feel that further industrial use for this port is inappropriate in a general sense and makes absolutely no financial sense for the taxpayers in this instance.

Peter Smith

Highway 49