Stories from our past-September 10, 2020

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • Mr. John English of New Orleans visited Matthew Mulholland and sister at Rose Lawn Farm, Greenbush.
  • The open season for wild ducks and other water fowl having been changed from September 1 to 15, the superintendent of Game and Fisheries trusts the common sense and manliness of the sportsmen of the province to respect the change.
  • Mr. Parker R. Young returned last week from a six weeks holiday trip to the Northwest. He was as far west as Edmonton.


  • Accommodations to feed and board several hundred men have been set up by Crawley & McCracken in the old A.C. Miller factory building on William Street, Picton.
  • Another contract has been let in connection with Picton gunnery and Bombing School. King Paving Co., of Oakville, has been awarded additional contract at $23, 750.
  • Canada has a potential army of almost one million single men, with roughly one-third in Ontario. This figure does not include the 60,000 men who have enlisted in the Canadian Active Service Force.


  • Picton Town Council Tuesday night backed a proposal for a County library system, but only by a slim majority of 5 to 4.
  • On Friday, the Women’s Hospital Auxiliary is holding a regular meeting at the home of Mrs. Ken Carson, R.R. 4 Picton, in the form of a Pot Luck Luncheon.
  • A small group of delegates representing the recently formed Pollution Unwanted group was refused admittance to the meeting with Canadian International Paper officials.


  • Four persons were injured Friday in the latest of a series of accidents at the intersection of County Roads 1 and 2, about four miles north of Wellington.
  • Guy Sarault of Picton went to the streets Thursday last week to raise money for the cancer stricken Terry Fox. By the end of the weekend, he had raised $3, 623.32
  • The Canadian Bankers’ Association (CBA) says that loans by the banks to farmers have increased more than five fold during the last decade.