LETTER: When will garbage be shipped from Picton Terminals?

Picton Terminals has brought up the shipment of garbage in the past.

The Picton Gazette had an article on Oct 27, 2015 named “Garbage Deal Possible for Picton Terminals.”

To quote the article, “Ben Doornekamp, the owner and operator of Picton Terminals confirmed to the Gazette last week that the company is in discussions with industrial waste supergiant Waste Management. Doornekamp also added that the talks were in the preliminary stages and there are current Waste Management contracts in place for a number of years.”

The subject is worth revisiting for a few reasons.  The Picton Terminals current rezoning application in front of Council now includes the transshipment of “Bio-mass” at the port.  Secondly, five years have passed since the original article and many of the waste contracts may be coming up for renewal.

What is bio-mass?  The definition of bio-mass includes GARBAGE.  It also includes products such as landfill gas, alcohol fuels, wood and crops. In speaking with Ben Doornekamp at the Have Your Say meeting, his comment when we brought up the transshipment of garbage was, “it would take allot of trucks off the road”.

He didn’t deny shipping of garbage but did not explain how the garbage would get to the port either.  To put this into perspective, semi-trailer trucks would haul garbage containers down Hwy 49 from transfer sites throughout Ontario to the Picton Terminals port. Garbage containers would be stored on the dock until a barge became full or was available.  Depending on the size of the barge, between 60-80 containers of garbage would be loaded onto a barge.  According to the Picton Gazette article from October 27, 2015 Ben Doornekamp said that the garbage containers would not sit on the dock for an extended period of time.

This raises far too many red flags to even comprehend.

I can bet that this is NOT the direction the citizens of Prince Edward County want to go in the future especially given the fact that Picton Bay is already considered by the County to be an Environmental Sensitivity Area.

It’s in your hands Council.

Leslie Stewart