Hydro One announces completion of County-wide upgrades

GETTING A GOOD CONNECTION- Hydro One Crews install a smart switch near Picton this summer. (Hydro One photo)

The summer of 2020 brought various planned power outages to areas in Prince Edward County but Hydro One is happy to inform customers the planned project to improve service and mitigate outages is completed.

Hydro One crews in Carrying Place. (Hydro One photo)

Over the past few months,  Hydro One modernized the grid and improved power reliability for residents and businesses in the region and, according to a statement, these upgrades came at a time when Ontarians looked for closer-to-home getaways, including local wineries and tourism attractions in Prince Edward County.

Most it not all of these outages took place during the  overnight to ensure limited disruption.

Just in time for the fall winds and weather events that can cause fluctuations and widespread outages, crews installed a total of 7 smart-switches which limit the amount of customers impacted by outages and improves power restoration times.  These digital switches will allow for remote control and enhance connectivity and restoration.

To support residents and businesses, Hydro One is modernizing Ontario’s electricity grid by introducing new technologies to prevent outages and increase resiliency at a time when it is needed most.

“Any outage —no matter how short— can disrupt people’s daily lives, businesses and productivity. Through these upgrades, Hydro One will be able to enhance
power reliability in the region,” said Lyla Garzouzi, Vice President, Distribution, Hydro One. “This is part of our plan to modernize an aging distribution system and support the industries and residents who count on us.”

The work completed in Prince Edward County will help improve reliability for residents and businesses and support economic growth by addressing aging infrastructure, much of which was installed in the 1950s.