LETTER: No signs of slowing move towards industrial wasteland

Thanks to Leslie Stewart for their letter of warning regarding Picton Terminals (PT)(When will garbage be shipped from Picton Terminals?, The Picton Gazette Sept. 17) .

It seems this juggernaut development shows no signs of slowing its movement to turn the shores of Picton Bay into another industrial wasteland, with the attendant stream of heavy truck and shipping traffic. To then read the embarrassing rationalizations offered by Picton Terminals in their response (Picton Terminals responds to concerns, The Picton Gazette, Sept. 17) to what your staff writer correctly calls a “condemning peer review by IBI consultants”, especially the reference to historical uses of the site, “such as the Bethlehem Steel Iron Ore transfer site built in the 1950’s”, made me very fearful of what the future holds for this part of the County.

The historical reference brought forth this idea. There are a couple young people who regularly hold protest with signs in downtown Picton, regarding the continued presence of Sir. John A. MacDonald’s sculpture.

Instead of applying your energies to this misguided effort to delete our first Prime Minister from collective memory, take your signs and set up in front of the PT gates to protest and inform the public about an issue that has far more important significance to the community. PT’s plans are astonishing in their scope and should have no place in the future of Prince Edward County.

Hilary A. Amolins