Grouchy old man response in bad taste

Regarding last week’s editorial (Countylicious 2020 kickoff leaves a bad taste in the mouth, The Picton Gazette Sept. 24, 2020) What leaves a bad taste is the Gazette’s grouchy old man response to an innovative new program to generate business for the hard hit hospitality industry.

Is there no room for this kick off AND a great, locally based, prix fixe, menu deal?

The great cider at County Cider could, should ALSO have been included but.. let’s celebrate that anniversary separately.

The kickoff prices are out of my league but those drawn here for the event from ‘away’ will, of course, fall in love with the area like everyone does and be back for more. They will spend money at local businesses, drink local beer, wine and cider and help allied local shops, restaurants, breweries, etc to survive. The kickoff is doing what it is meant to do and helping publicize the entire event.

Hopefully, not too well. I do want to get to a few restaurants during the regular program that follows. Covid willing. But, hopefully again, well enough that we can still  enjoy Countylicious  in 2022. Good luck to all those involved.

Bon Appetit.

Konrad Doerrbecker