Negative opinion piece disheartening

A Countylicious kickoff event hosted at 100 Acre Wood is 100 per cent county produce, county wine, and 100 per cent of profit is going to a county not-for-profit.

It’s really disheartening to read a negative opinion piece about folks who are trying to do good right now.

Please shine a light on the fact that one event is raising over $3,000 for a local charity using local produce, local chefs, and local wine.

None of this was mentioned, just a bunch of whining about the creativity that has to be employed right now during a pandemic. Also the event featuring Canoe that you’re complaining about is also featuring plenty of local chefs.

Upsetting to see false information being published. It would be so nice if while writing an article about the “lack of support in the community” you did your research and looked into who is being supported through these events- also the community.

I know things are different this year, but as someone who has served four- five different years of Countylicious, I will say that the past way of running it was not successful. Each restaurant I was at had huge issues with how much was being asked of them for so little money and it hurt many of them.

In the end, this creative new way to explore events in the county during a pandemic is really beautiful! It would be so nice to support everyone during a really tough year. Restaurants are still offering Countylicious should that be anyone’s preference, and for those who feel safer in other environments or want to explore these events they should be able to without this negativity circling.

Mary Wood

Prince Edward County