LETTER: Mandatory face masks only solution to stop COVID

It’s time for safety professionals to step up and evaluate the County’s COVID safety measures. Unfortunately, Prince Edward County is currently in a high risk situation, largely because the County food supply is dangerously unprotected against COVID!

It’s time for all of us to become more self-protecting against the COVID incompetence created by our governments that have facilitated 9,000 preventable Canadian deaths, and over 1 million infections. Test stats are terrible underestimates.

As the second wave “ravages” the virtually unprotected USA, Hasting Prince Edward Public Health Medical Officer of Health Dr. Oglaza’s fantasy that we will not experience a second wave in Prince Edward County is reckless nonsense because we are using the same futile social engineering measures without mandated face masks just like the Americans. We are no better prepared, and Dr. Ogalza is dangerously wrong.

Dr. Oglaza and County Council will be held legally responsible for every infection in retail stores where workers were legally exempted from face mask protection as well as every infection that can be traced to the contaminated food supply that our families consume.

The dangerous, third-rate safety measures mandated by County Council allows retail workers in food stores to contaminate the County food supply because they are not mandated to wear face masks. Face coverings are great in a water fight, but do absolutely nothing to stop the spread of the fine aerosol virus that travels on our breath, not our hands and easily moves around face shields.

COVID is a respiratory virus that infects our respiratory system, Not our hands! Dr. Oglaza and Public Health have failed to provide any science that proves our hands are the primary source of COVID contamination. Their website uses outdated and irrelevant hospital studies [2006] that have been discredited and abandoned by serious safety experts. Repeated hand washing distracts us from the real source of infection, our mouths. Most handwashing is ineffective, and dries and damages the skin creating hiding places that make our hands more virus friendly.

In Wellington, retail workers in food stores are not wearing face masks because they were foolishly exempted from the protective mandate. When they become infected, they will probably not be aware of their contagious state for days, and become “superspreaders” as they breathe over and contaminate the food we are going to eat.   Dr. Oglaza and Team COVID has been scientifically wrong from the start of this airborne pandemic because they have been denying the coronavirus microbe is airborne though the WHO announced it in March. Contact with an infected person is not required for exposure and infection to take place.

The Public Health Office have made themselves completely and dangerously incompetent in this pandemic by refusing to admit some critical scientific facts:

1) The COVID microbe travels on our breaths, not our hands.

2) The NIH informed us in March that the microbe remains airborne as a fine aerosol for up to 4 hours, meaning that contact with an infected person is not required for exposure.

3) The only thing that protects us against airborne viruses is a face masks.

4) Plastic face shields only protect us in water fights. The Public Health Office and County Council have mismanaged the critical importance of face masks and consequently the County is at high risk until they mandate face masks for everyone without exceptions.

Steve Staniek

Prince Edward County