LETTER: Council deserves standing ovation for denial decision

Perhaps Council is not used to receiving applause, and I admit I rarely offer them in relation to issues political.

Today I have zero hesitation in giving a standing ovation to each Council Member and to the Mayor for denying Picton Terminals’ proposals.  I won’t repeat here the many good arguments which gained Council’s support and which, if marshalled carefully and faithfully, will sustain the decision through any appeal process.

Let me say I am proud of how the facts were brought into the open and how Council listened closely and with respect to what Prince Edward County citizens argued should scuttle a development that runs counter to the interests of the community, the environment and a healthy future for PEC.

Also let me say how impressed I am by the hard work of Madame Clerk et al for the way in which the meeting was conducted. I salute their mastery of the democratic process under circumstances imposed by the pandemic. Thank you for doing the right thing. Be well all,

JC Sulzenko

South Marysburgh