Stories from our past-October 29, 2020

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • Mr. and Mrs. S. Palmatier of Demorestville and Mrs. Shea of Belleville, with some friends from Tyendinaga, spent Sunday and Monday at Mr. James Cole’s who has been quite poorly but is getting better.
  • Preceding the boarding of the cheese at the meeting of the board on Friday, the question of getting the tariff lowered on dairy products going into the United States was discussed.
  • Mr. Owen A. Smily, elocutionist, and Miss Margaret Bryce, soprano, have been engaged by the I.O.D.E. For a grand concert in the Bijou Theatre on Wednesday evening.


  • Plans of Sir Thomas Picton Chaper, I.O.D.E., to send 16 barrels of Spy Apples to Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment overseas struck a snag when it was learned yesterday that the federal government is prohibiting export of apples.
  • Members of the R.C.A.F who are performing guard duty at the airport here have been invited to attend the Halloween party in the United Church S.S. Room Tuesday evening as guests of the Phi-Del-a-Tee Club.
  • There are several places where buried treasure are reported to be. This week, K.B. Thomas of Toronto was a visitor in Picton trailing down stories of buried treasure. He was particularly interested in gold in the Outlet River.


  • The Presbyterian Guild held their October meeting at the home of Mrs. Hector Knight with 14 members present and three visitors.
  • The general meeting of the Cherry Valley U.C.W., was held on Monday evening October 19 at 9 p.m at the Church Hall.
  • One of Picton’s leading businessmen, Jack Colden, proprietor of Canadian Tire, Monday announced officially his plans to leave the community.


  • Picton Oldtimers Hockey Club stayed right in contention for the first period of their initial exhibition clash, but when the final buzzer had sounded they had absorbed a nine to four defeat.
  • Prince Edward-Hasting MP Jack Ellis says the Federal Liberal budget will effect county people when it comes to the cost of energy and unemployment insurance payments.
  • Maple Sugar is coming to town to sing about Canada as part of the Prince Edward Arts Council 1980-81 series, bringing with them the rich heritage of folk songs from English and French Canada.