LETTER: Donors are making new PECMH dream a reality

“The Back the Build campaign just got more exciting!”

These were the words of PECMH Foundation Executive Director Shannon Coull on Oct.23rd in response to Doug Ford and his government announcing that they would be investing 8.7 Million to support the planning and design phase of the new Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital.

She went on to say that” the Foundation looks forward  to working with the entire community to reach our goal.”

That goal, to reach the community’s share of  16.5 Million I believe is well in sight.

When Shannon says  the Entire community she is aware that since 1917 the County residents have supported their two hospitals when it wasn’t always easy.

You only have to read  the late Al Capon’s Book “House of Healing“‘ where he chronicled  the trials and tribulations of keeping our hospitals viable by a community that has Passion and True Grit  when it comes to their House of Healing”

This community should be very proud of the generous ongoing financial commitment that they have made to support the ” Back the Build ” Campaign.

Since 2011 when it was first announced that  a new Hospital would be built in Prince Edward County there have been many  Individuals and partners involved.  Our local MPP Todd Smith  comes to mind as someone who has lobbied the Government at Queens Park  for many years to help County Residents in their quest for a new Hospital. I believe that it has been said that he is like “a dog with a bone” Thank you Todd for your efforts on our behalf.

But you, the residents/stakeholders are my heroes for your ongoing support to the Foundation. By 2025 our efforts will be rewarded and we will have a new Hospital with State of the Art equipment.

Fran Renoy