LETTER: Holding Court could offer learning opportunity

If we agree that “history is vital to our common knowledge and whether positive or negative, full and complete accounts of the past are key to growing as individuals and as communities” (The Picton Gazette Nov 5, 2020) then we are surely missing an opportunity to educate ourselves about the damage we have done and continue to do in the treatment of Blacks and Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

Stashing Sir John A. in a closet somewhere eliminates this opportunity to examine, study and educate.

We need to look in the mirror and hold court on our past transgressions. We can and need to hold court on what we can do to change and champion the rights of Indigenous peoples. It is with self righteous indignation that we would hide away our past rather than learn and teach from it. Rather we can use the statue to hold court by creating educational forums to discuss and propose what we can do to mitigate the harms we have done.

I can picture Sir John A. on the lawns of our Court house where chairs could be set up to literally hold court with special guests, educators and speakers who will help us not hide the past but learn from it.

Nancy Johnson